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Hi I'm Megan

I am a passion fueled birth doula that prioritizes equipping my clients and families with the tools needed to create a confident and empowering birth space. 

Based in northern Utah, I work as a DONA trained Doula to provide individuals and couples with the emotional and physical support they need in order to have a positive birthing experience. I have also completed additional training and received certification to support clients attempting to have a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC).


In my personal life I enjoy being a mother to my two young boys that I just adore. My experience of becoming a mother has fueled my passion of supporting others as they start their own parenting journey.


Dream Experience!
"I cannot put into words how grateful I am for Megan’s support during my birth. My first birth was traumatic and I longed for a better experience with my second and it was perfect! Megan is so personable and knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable and empowered throughout the entire process. Megan was unbiased while helping me make a birth plan, and she was a great advocate to have during my intense birth! I felt totally in control and so safe with Megan there to help me through contractions and bring my beautiful baby boy into the world. If I was going to have another baby, I’d 100% hire Megan. It made a world of difference to have someone there cheering me on and helping me to feel empowered as I experienced my true dream birth!"

Cheyenne- Mom of 2

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